In addition to spending money to buy Prime Stones and receive giftcodes to spin banners, Genshin Impact gamers now have another way to spend money on miHoYo’s game, but this time to buy a “genuine” Genshin Impact figure to hold. Okay.

Recently, the popular “wibu” anime-manga site in Japan, AmiAmi, has begun accepting orders for the Genshin Impact character collection from Mondstadt. The collection is called Senjou no Yuushi, which roughly translates to “Noble Characters on the Battlefield” consists of a total of 7 small-sized but adorable-looking figurines, as you can verify for yourself right below.

This collection of Genshin Impact figures features a total of six figures, Klee, Venti, Barbara, Fischl, Kaeya and Diluc, plus a “secret” item, the Seven Angels of the Wind God. With the purchase of this Genshin Impact figure set, you’ll also receive a few bonus items in addition to the character itself, such as Fischl the infamous Oz crow, Diluc and Kaeya’s swords, and Venti’s lyre … the Wind God statue alone is counted as Barbara’s bonus item.

In terms of price, a box of products will cost 7,200 yen (about 1.4 million VND) but not including shipping costs and Customs tax. According to the author’s experience, gamers will have to pay about 1.7 million VND to own this figure set. It is expected to ship in May 2022.

However, Sforum needs to tell you that just like in the game, buying these statues does not guarantee you will get the character you like: you will receive 6 random statues, and a complete duplicate. can happen. Therefore, gamers may have to buy more if they are “simping” a certain character or want to own the full set. It is still unclear when and if miHoYo will release a similar set of figures for the Liyue or Inazuma characters.

In addition, gamers who like to dress up can also choose another Genshin Impact product, which is Primaniacs perfume. They started taking pre-orders for the Genshin Impact fragrance in January 2022. The line features scents representing the characters Zhongli, Childe, Ganyu, Keqing and Xiao (Childe counts as Liyue). The company also released fragrances for Mondstadt characters in September 2021.